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Orkut Tricks

1.Blank Scrap

Place the cursor in the text field.
Delete everything in the field.
Now, HOLD (Keep pressed) ALT key and press 0 1 7 3 (Press the numbers one after the another. Do not keep them pressed) on the NUMBER PAD (on the right side of the keyboard).
If you are using a laptop, just press [i] in the text box.

2.Writing in different cool fonts
This trick works only in Internet Explorer.
Go to Messenger Freaks to get cool fonts.

3.Write in different Indian languages
Go to for Hindi font.
Download Baraha for all Indian languages.
Go to Quillpad for Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi

5.Knowing Email ID of any profile on Orkut
Ignore the person of whom you want to know the Email id.
Open your Gtalk of the same account as Orkut.
Go to Settings -> Blocked
You can see the ignored person's email id.

6.Write Anonymous scraps/posts
Create a fake account.
Write the scraps to the person you want.
Delete the account.
Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous.

7.Finding who has added you to their crush list
Add all your friends (or the one whom you want to find) in your crush list.
If any of them has added you to their crush list before, you will get an email.
Delete everyone from your crushlist.
This is the easiest way to find whether someone has added you to their crushlist.

8.Negative Posts
Post twice.Delete the first
Press F5 loads of times
Number of refresh = number of negative posts
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